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Contact Us

Inquiries related to participation in the APPF21 may be directed to:


Postal address: 26, B. Dmitrovka street, Moscow, 103426, Russia,

Council of the Federation of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation,

APPF21 Secretariat



E-mail: appf21@council.gov.ru

Tel.: +7 495 697-71-25; +7 495 697-96-52

Fax : +7 495 697-46-17


Mr Svinarev Vladimir


-   APPF 21 Secretary General


Contact persons of the APPF21 Secretariat:


Mr Kartsev Nikolay


-   Head of the APPF 21 Secretariat


Mr Zhelnov Vasiliy

- Deputy Head of the APPF21 Secretariat


Ms Podolina Olesya

- APPF21 Secretariat Staff


Ms Solovyova Ekaterina



- APPF21 Secretariat Staff

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